At The Bakehouse

Diorama, Base & 5 metal people
Hot Cross Bun Seller, Woman by Pump,  Lady Shopping,
Small Boy & Dog, & Girl Selling Eggs

By David Winter

USD Price:  $150. Plus shipping

Introduced:  1993David Winter At The Bakehouse scenes

Retired:  1996

Purchased:  2020

Original USD price:  $150

Collection:  David Winter Scenes

Size:  Base is about 4 1/8" x 1 1/2"

Box:  Yes

Certificate:  Yes

Remarks:  Excellent Condition.    

     To complement one of his most popular peces, David Winter has sculpted a vignette which can accommodate characters associated with The Bakehouse.  In the imaginary scene, a sturdy country woman heaves a handle to pump water for the horse trough.  Meanwhile the Hot Cross Bun seller cries out that his bread is the freshest of all.  A customer approaches & is offered well rounded eggs by a slip of a girl whose brother is playing with his puppy.

     The metal figures were made by Cameo Guild Inc.

David Winter At The Bakehouse scenes  David Winter At The Bakehouse scenes