At The Bothy

Diorama, Base & 5 metal people
Farmer with plow, Farm hand with spade,
Farmer's wife & Goose Girl

By David Winter

USD Price:  $150. Plus shipping

Introduced:  1993David Winter At The Bothy scenes

Retired:  1996

Purchased:  2020

Original USD price:  $150

Collection:  David Winter Scenes

Size:  Base is about 4" x 1 1/2"

Box:  Yes

Certificate:  Yes

Remarks:  Excellent Condition.    
To complement one of the most popular pieces, David Winter has sculpted a vignette which can accommodate characters associated with The Bothy.  The imaginary scene, the farmer inspects his most cherished possession - his plough - before setting out to the fields with his farm hand for a day's ploughing.  Meanwhile his wife has brought a basket of wholesome food for them, while his daughter fends off the intering geese.

     The metal figures are created by Cameo Guild Inc.  The figures each come in their own individual box.  See individual figures below.

David Winter At The Bothy scenes   David Winter At The Bothy scenes

David Winter At The Bothy scenes