Pershore Mill
Plaque in Shadowbox

By David Winter

USD Price:  $29. Plus Shipping

New in box.  Never been displayed.

Introduced:  1991Pershore Mill Plaque in Shadowbox

Retired:  1992

Purchased:  1992

Original USD price:  N/C

Collection:  Membership

Size:  10" x 10" box.  Plaque is 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Box:  Yes, brown.

Certificate:  No

Mouse: Front center attic windowsill above hoist

Remarks:  Secondary market value $75.
     The picture to the right is not a picture of this actual plaque.  It only depicts what it would look like assembled.
     The pictures below the actual new plaque & shadow box.  Not yet assembled.

Pershore Mill Plaque in Shadowbox   Pershore Mill Plaque in ShadowboxPershore Mill Plaque in Shadowbox

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