Tomfool's Cottage

By David Winter

USD Price:  $49.95 plus shipping

Introduced:  1991Tomfool's Cottage by David Winter

Retired:  1992

Purchased:  7/26/1991

Original USD price:  $100.

Collection:  Guild Member's piece #9

Size:  5" x 4" x 5 1/2"

Box:  Yes

Certificate:  Yes, descriptive

Mouse:  Backside on top of foundation wall.

Condition:  Excellent

Remarks:  Cottage depicts the 13th century in Gotham.  The law stated that if a king rode along any highway in the land it became a public road & no toll could be charged.  The king dispatched a rider to check the town & all kinds of tomfoolery was going on.  The rider returned to the king & advised him to avoid this village so their road continued to operate at a profit for many years as their primary source of income.

Tomfool's Cottage by David Winter   Tomfool's Cottage by David Winter

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