Wine Merchant

By David Winter

USD Price:  $29.95 Plus Shipping.

Introduced:  1980Wine Merchant by David Winter

Retired:  3/1993

Purchased:  7/27/1991

Original USD price:  $50.

Collection:  Centre of the Village

Size:  3 1/2" x 4"

Box:  Yes, very good.

Certificate:  Yes, descriptive.

Mouse:  None

Remarks:  Restyled 1983.  Beam work.
    The original version is slightly larger than the one we know today, measuring a good 1/2"-1/4" taller.  But even with the increased size, both chimney stacks barely peek ove the top of the roof line.  The front of the building is very different, starting with a shorter roof line with much less pitch.  The two gables are wider with less pitch to the peaks.  The window on the left is larger than the other with tree up & down panes with no cross buck.
    The window on the right is similar to the one we see on the remodeled Wine Merchant.  The area around the windows is horizontal board design rather than vertical.  Just below is a tudor style beaming across the building.  The two bow windows on either side of the door panes of glass high.  The brickwork on the lower tier of the chimney is ciss-cross rather than vertical. 
    Moving to the back, we find a small window to the right of the back door.  The door has a "Z" type crossbuck design.

Restyled:  Shrinks in size.  Two matched 4-pane windows sprout up with sills.The 2 large bow windows are reduced in size from 4 panes to 3.  A large heave growth of vining grows up the right side of the building.
    Moving to the right side, the chimney bricks become vertical.  On the back, a large vine grows .  The back door is reduced in size & now has only horizontal boards.
    On the left side, a bush is added over the pathway & the vining grows up the backside of the crumbled archway.  Two top windows have 6 panes on the 3rd leve & a 4 pane on the second level.

Wine Merchant by David Winter   Wine Merchant by David Winter   Wine Merchant by David Winter   Wine Merchant by David Winter

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